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Description of 9 Letter Jumble | Challenging Word Game

See how many words you can unscramble from the letters of a nine letter word. This word puzzle game is packed with many fun and challenging word scramble levels.

Fancy yourself a master word finder?

Think you've got the vocabulary to be a jumbled word solver?

Do you unscramble words in your sleep?

Can you find all the hidden words?

Install this free word puzzle game today!

This is a must play for fans of anagram solver games, word unscrambler games, word builders, find the word games or crossword puzzles like Bananagrams, or Words with Friends. 9 Letter Jumble is the new word scramble game on the block and puts a modern twist on the classic Word Target game found in newspapers and magazines. A built in dictionary and a detailed breakdown of the words in every level improves the experience. This word puzzle is easy to pick up and play, but challenging to master. The scrambled letters offer fun for the whole family, or with friends – you’ll love the challenge!

This word game is really easy to understand.

➜ Tap the letters in the grind to build words.

➜ Words must consist of at least 4 letters.

➜ You must use the letter in the middle of the grid.

To many this word finding game will be a familiar classic. Every level has 9 letters, arranged in a 3 by 3 grid. The letters are extracted from a scrambled word. The aim is to unscramble the letters to build words. There will always be at least one nine letter word in every level. Unscramble the word! It can be quite tricky to solve the word jumble, but once you do, you'll wonder how you ever missed it.

➜ Definitions of all the words are available from the in-game dictionary.

➜ Use your clues to see the definition of a word you have not found yet.

➜ Easily unlock a new level every time you find 50% of the words on the current level.

➜ Challenge yourself to find the nine letter word of every level.

➜ See if you can hit the word target. Scoring 100% can be extremely challenging!

➜ Find the word in the Daily Challenge to gain a bonus clue token.

This is a British English word game. The cases where American spellings are possible but rejected are truly limited and do not detract from the fun at all.

If you set a target to find all the words of a level, this will prove to be a very tough word game, but if you are up for the challenge and hard word games don't scare you, then this is the wordgame for you.

As a vocabulary game, 9 Letter Jumble is highly rated. It is the perfect puzzle game for those looking to expand their vocabulary as the built-in dictionary contains difficult words but no obscure or archaic words. Tap the word list to get the full list of definitions, and even experiment with new letter combinations and instantly discover new words.

Improve your vocabulary with this fun challenging word game. Install 9 Letter Jumble today!

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